Why IST?
Revenue Enhancement

Our management leverages their knowledge and relationships to enable clients to share our strategic partnerships - leading to new customers, OEMs, and JVs.

Margin Enhancement

Clients win more projects/business or can justify expenditures easier because their costs are reduced through our significantly lower rates.

Clients reduce from 20% to 50% of standard development costs by leveraging our people. 

IST mitigates the risks typically associated with using a small consulting firm.

Operational Risks

Quality risks are reduced due to the proven processes inherent in our Engagement Methodology.

IST has managed multiple, large scale, complex projects and has a strong focus on project management/methodology.

IST has a strong track record in attracting and retaining talent (attrition rate of less than 10%).



Strategic Risks

Our business model enables clients to maintain control over projects and processes. 

IST has managed large strategic JV and non - JV relationships.

Clients are protected - every employee signs a Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure agreement prior to working on any project.

Financial Risks

IST takes full accountability for service level agreements, and where possible aligns its incentives with those of its clients.

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