Types of Work

IST performed this B2B project for a large truck manufacturing company. We were actively involved in designing, coding, testing, implementing and training phases of the project.

 The project allowed the client to offer the following functionality:

»  Allow dealers to create orders for Forward Dates.

»  Smart Pricing and Procurement of orders from dealers.

»  Order specification, based on quantity price breaks and promotional campaigns.

»  Allow dealers to search products by name, serial number, category, and manufacturer’s name

»  Forward orders to vendors with varied time frame/frequency based on order type.

»  Accept invoices from vendors and create bills
for dealers.


IST worked with a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) client to create a system known as the Whole-sale Provisioning and Tracking System (WPTS). This is a web based notification tool built to assist the CLEC community and Regional CLEC Coordination Center (RCCC) personnel in their administrative functions associated with:

»  Hot Cuts (Seamless transition of a customer to a new local exchange)

»  New Line (Orders for new telephone service) and

»  WinBacks (process related to ‘winning back’ a customer who had EFT the CLEC)

»  WPTS improves processes and efficiencies for both the CLEC and RCCC by eliminating manual work and unnecessary phone calls.


For a leading multinational pharmaceutical compa-ny,IST provided application development resources for the architectural design and development for storing analytical data about various genetic samples related to their research projects, integration across SBS and LIMS applications, providing program mana-gement for new SBS development and legacy SBS improvements. IST helped in enabling flow-through provisioning and an integrated sample management environment. IST was also responsible for Testing, deployment and User Training of the application



IST Consultants worked for Precision Response Corporation to develop innovative software products to manage the customer contacts. The products could be easily integrated with the existing legacy envir-onment to retrieve necessary data. The integrated solution handles

»  Validation of card members information.
»  Providing the necessary details regarding transactions done by the customer.
»  Profiling the card member and thus present matrix of products, which could be of interest to the customer.
»  Presenting the necessary scripting that can be used by the customer care rep to be effective with the customer.
»  Capturing personal and confidential data and storing securely.
»  Reporting ,which help analyze the trends.



IST has developed a generic customer care prod-uct,which can be deployed across different customers to manage The product is a web-based application, which can be used for managing contacts for inbound calls or outbound calls. This product has the following generic componenets

»  Loading of customer data into prc's databases
»  Algorithm which intelligently lets the dialer to call the customer and instantaneouly pump the customer record onto the front-end used by the telemarketer
»  Front-end to capture the results of customer contact
»  Populate the necessary scripting that can be used by the telemarketer to talk to the customer intelligently.
»  Send a data feed back to the customer pertaining to the results of calling reports that can be used by operations. There are web-based reports, which could be available on an hourly basis.

Some of our activities were:

Study new technologies and concepts in the IT world and carry out pilots as proof-of-concept.

Evaluate new products released into the market by various vendors.

Publish strategy documents on various technologies/concepts/products.

Publish standard product lists to be used in MasterCard.

Create and develop coding standards at MasterCard.

Develop various software applications for its global member companies.


IST developers have provided key support services
to many Gentran customers. Gentran is a popular EDI software package with a very user-friendly front end, yet highly complex and rigorous backend processes. Gentran is often a mission-critical system for clients because it processes millions of electronic business transactions among hundreds of trading partners, therefore it requires highly skilled support personnel to keep it running smoothly. The package generally supports standards like ANSI X12, EDIFACT, Gencod and VDA. In addition to offering this type of support to our customers, we had an opportunity to take customer service a step further.

One of the customers of Sterling Commerce wanted Gentran to support a new set of standards called COPS. They decided to enhance the capabilities of the product and asked IST to help. The project required enabling GENTRAN to understand COPS standards and to convert business data from COPS format into EDIFACT format before the Gentran translator translates it into native application format and vice versa. The project was highly successful & allowed Sterling Commerce’s customer to use Gentran services without making major modifications to their systems.



Euronet2 is a 3-tier distributed application, which caters to the needs of the Travel Industry. It is a desktop application, which Travel agents and client Call Centers use to sell products, like Train Reservations and Train Passes to people traveling within Europe by train.

These servers connect to the legacy applications provided by SNCF in France to obtain scheduling information.

Various components were designed based on func-tionality like booking, pricing, printing of tickets etc., then each component was developed using an IDE. The front end was developed as a GUI-based desktop application. Prototypes were created before deve-loping the actual GUI front end to prove that the system met the client’s business needs.


IST helped Ernst & Young develop an award winning 3-tier application based web site, which was develo-ped for the state of Florida for job seekers as well as for employers looking for applicants.

A framework was developed at Ernst & Young, which was used in designing and developing the system. The ‘look and feel’ of the web site was developed first. Then, using the E&Y framework, the business logic and other system-dependent services were developed.

Technically, the web site was designed so that vari-ous components (Presentation, Pre-Process, Business Logic, Data Access and Post-Process) interact with each other and share system services.

Simple Security (Authentication and Authorization) was also added, and each layer or component interacts with neighboring layers via messaging.



IST assisted in the development of the AIG eBusiness Application which provides AIG Product, AIG Service and AIG Non-Product content material to the following users:

»  Brokers / Agents [Approved and Non-Approved]

»  Employees [Marketing, Domestic Brokerage Group, Claims, eBusiness and Accounting]

»  Vendors / Suppliers/Business Partners

»  Clients / Customers

The AIG eBusiness Website provides access [links] to and from various AIG eBusiness Web Applications [e.g., AIGOnline, AIGDirect, AIGNasdaq, AIGeWriter, eXS, CAPP, Worldrisk [International Package] and BOP].

Additionally, the AIG eBusiness Website provides access [links] to and from third party eBusiness Application Websites.

The AIG eBusiness Group, which develops and supports Web Portal Sites for Back-End Transactional Applications hosted by several divisions of AIG [e.g., DBG, AIU and Claims], undertook a re-engineering effort of one of their premium Global eBusiness Websites called “AIG eBusiness”.

The re-engineering
effort included the following:

»  Content Management Capability for Business Units and Profit Centers.

»  Workflow Management for content review, approval and publication.

»  Global Security Infrastructure for Strong Authentication necessary to support “Click-and-Bind” Transactional Applications.

»  Single Sign-on Capability.

»  Syndication Capability.

»  Automated Click-Stream Analysis with Customer Relationship Management.


IST assisted in the development of Delphi at Verizon. Delphi is a strategic system that supports two key corporate goals for Verizon:

1) Increase flow-through in the Installation and Maintenance cycles.

2) Satisfy regulatory requirements for parity access to resellers.

Delphi is deployed throughout Verizon, serving a variety of user communities with test and data acc-ess, and test results analysis. It is at the center of a growing web of client platforms, user communities
and downstream Operations Support Systems.

Delphi provides Verizon users and Wholesale / Resale customers with centralized access to customized trouble analysis services, POTS (Plain Old Telep-hones), Specials and ADSL test OSSs, and circuit record databases. Delphi provides an array of trouble analysis services, including trouble isolation, trouble ownership identification and dispatch recommenda-tion. Delphi customizes analysis service results to meet the needs of different user communities, gener-ating non-technical, and easy-to-understand dispatch recommendations.




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