1) Biometric Security:

Banking & Financial Services IST is one of a growing number of dynamic companies focused on developing security applications utilizing biometric identification and authentication techniques.

IST has designed innovative biometric solutions for the banking and financial services industry that can play a significant role in reducing losses or increasing market share. These solutions are:

»   Our low cost, non-invasive "ATM Early Response"solution, dramatically reduces bank losses from fraud-ulent ATM transactions without interfering with the normal ATM transaction process.

»   Our ”FaceSentry” is based on biometric technol-ogy. This allows entry based on recognizing the face of the person entering the building. If an unauth-orized person enters the area, a violation alarm will be triggered informing the security about the violation.

  »   Other solutions that are in pipeline are – FriendlyTeller (Helps tellers identify bank customers by name without having to ask for identification.), Robbery Prevention (stop a robbery before it can occur) and Workstation Monitor (prevents unauth-orized access to sensitive systems, records, or materials and tracks workstation usage).

2) Project Services

IST’s technical project services provide our Small to Mid-Sized Business (SMB) clients with project manag-ement, business and technical development, & implementation experience in their quest to become
e-business capable.

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