International Systems Technologies has
dev-eloped a state-of-the-art biometric solution designed to provide security at the entry points of a building.

FaceSentry gives building developers, commercial and residential property managers, and others charged with building security a solution that can be used very effectively for security and control.

Our solution is based on facial recognition software developed by Visionics Corporation. (Nasdaq: VSNX

Security in Real Time  One of the most effective means of slowing crimes is based on preventing unauthorized personnel getting into the buildings.
The sophisticated software desig-ned to catch unauthorized entry before it takes place gives a
total control to the security managers.

Card based access control systems are only as rel-iable as the people who use them. Card and code sharing, card loss or theft, forgetfulness, and even well intentioned door holding can and do make a mockery of even the best security setups.  

  The technology is extremely effective because crimin-als can never copy a customer's face. This system allows buildings to limit their damages done by people who enter the building using stolen cards etc.

How the System Works 
Many security systems require a user to be actively involved, either by swiping an access card or keying in an access code or touching a print reader, looking into an eyepiece, or speaking to the system as prompted. FaceSentry is designed to be non-invasive. The user simply stands in front of the door as they usually do while entering a building; actually, the user will not even be aware anything extraordinary is occurring.

To put it simply, the camera takes the customer's picture (or a video of the transaction), our system intercepts the video feed, scans the image, and matches the images on file. In the case where the customer is on file, access is granted.

If the customer is not on the file, the system performs the check once again, to be sure that it was not just
a technical error (the entire process takes about 6 seconds if a second check is required) and if a second "negative" is returned the system notifies the build-ings security personnel and provides as much evidence as possible.
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